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SLAACCTL(8) System Manager's Manual SLAACCTL(8)

slaacctlcontrol the SLAAC daemon

slaacctl [-s socket] command [argument ...]

The slaacctl program controls the slaacd(8) daemon.

The following options are available:

Use socket instead of the default /dev/slaacd.sock to communicate with slaacd(8).

The following commands are available:

Disable verbose debug logging.
Enable verbose debug logging.
Send a router solicitation on interface interfacename.
Display status about network interfaces. If interfacename is specified, only information relative to interfacename is shown. Otherwise information on all interfaces is shown.

UNIX-domain socket used for communication with slaacd(8).


The slaacctl program first appeared in OpenBSD 6.2.

March 2, 2023 OpenBSD-7.4