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RCSDIFF(1) General Commands Manual RCSDIFF(1)

rcsdiffcompare RCS revisions

rcsdiff [-cnquV] [-kmode] [-rrev] [-xsuffixes] [-ztz] [diff_options] file ...

The rcsdiff program is used to compare revisions of RCS files, in much the same way as the diff(1) utility. Differences between two specific revisions can be requested, as well as differences between the current working file and the latest revision of the default branch.

It is not possible to display differences between entire directories, or differences between more than two files. All diffs produced are in the standard diff format, unless the -u option is specified, which produces unified diffs.

rcsdiff also supports keyword substitution – see the rcs(1) man page for more information.

The following options are supported:

Produces a diff with three lines of context. See diff(1) for more information.
Specify the keyword substitution mode.
Produces a diff in the same format that is used in the RCS files.
Be quiet about reporting.
Produces a diff with respect to revision rev. This option should be specified twice to generate a diff between two specific revisions. If only one revision is specified, diffing is done between that revision and the current working file.
Produces a unified diff with three lines of context. See diff(1) for more information.
Print RCS's version number.
Specifies the suffixes for RCS files. Suffixes should be separated by the ‘/’ character.
Specify the date output format.
Most of the options documented in diff(1) may also be specified.

If set, this variable should contain a list of space-delimited options that are prepended to the argument list.
When set, this variable specifies the directory where temporary files are to be created. The default is set to /tmp.

The rcsdiff utility exits with one of the following values:

No differences were found.
Differences were found.
An error occurred.

Compare the latest revision of the default branch with the content of working file foo.c:

$ rcsdiff foo.c

Compare revision 1.7 and 1.8 of file foo.c and ignore differences in keyword values:

$ rcsdiff -kk -r1.7 -r1.8 foo.c

ci(1), co(1), diff(1), ident(1), rcs(1), rcsclean(1), rcsmerge(1), rlog(1)

The flag [-T] has no effect and is provided for compatibility only.

September 3, 2010 OpenBSD-7.4