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PKG_CHECK(8) System Manager's Manual PKG_CHECK(8)

pkg_checkcheck consistency of installed packages

pkg_check [-FfIimnqvx] [-D name[=value]]

pkg_check verifies as much information as it can about installed packages.

pkg_check is not needed under normal circumstances, but it can be used to recover after a catastrophic system failure in the middle of a pkg_add(1) or pkg_delete(1).

pkg_check performs the following checks:

Packing-list sanity
Checks that /var/db/pkg only contains directories, that each directory holds a packing-list, and that said packing-list is an actual packing-list that matches the directory.
Direct dependencies
Checks that all direct dependencies are recorded correctly, specifically, that @depend, @tag and @wantlib match actual packages. It currently does not verify that @wantlib or @tag are reachable from the base package.
Reverse dependencies
Checks that all direct dependencies have corresponding reverse dependencies.
Files from packages
Checks that each file, link or directory in those packing-lists actually exist, and that their checksum matches what's recorded in the packing-list.
Other files (option -F)
Checks that there are no other random objects under /usr/local.

By default, pkg_check will only perform very safe transformations, such as the removal of core-dumps. pkg_check will ask the user for more permanent changes in interactive mode, or perform them anyway with option -f.

The options are as follows:

Extra options. Recognized keywords include:
Do not check digital signatures.
Check the filesystem for random objects.
Force the removal of bogus package information.
Force non-interactive mode. Default is to be interactive when run from a tty.
Force interactive mode, even if not run from a tty.
Causes pkg_check to always display the progress meter in cases it would not do so by default.
Don't actually modify packages, just perform checks.
Don't verify checksums for files, just check for their existence. Doubling -q will bypass that check entirely.
Turn on verbose output. Several -v may turn on more verbose output.
Disable progress meter.


This program was written by Marc Espie.

Work in progress. The order of checks is not definitive, and more checks may be added. Use with caution.

November 16, 2020 OpenBSD-7.4