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LOGIN_TOKEN(8) System Manager's Manual LOGIN_TOKEN(8)

login_activ, login_crypto, login_snkprovide ActivCard, CRYPTOCard and SNK-004 authentication

login_token [-s service] [-v name=value] user [class]

The login_token program implements an X9.9 token card challenge response authentication mechanism (see login.conf(5)). It must be invoked by one of the names: login_activ, login_crypto, or login_snk.

The options are as follows:

Specify the service. Currently only challenge, login, and response are supported.
This option and its value are ignored.

login_token will look up user in the appropriate database file, depending on what name it was called as: /etc/activ.db, /etc/crypto.db, or /etc/snk.db. It then will issue a challenge, and if the user is able to correctly respond (by using the appropriate token) the user will be authenticated. The class argument is unused.

data base of information for the ActivCard tokens.
data base of information for the CRYPTOCard tokens.
data base of information for the SNK-004 tokens.

Diagnostic messages are logged via syslog(3) with the LOG_AUTH facility.

syslog(3), login.conf(5), tokenadm(8), tokeninit(8)

Jack Flory <>

July 16, 2013 OpenBSD-7.4