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HANGMAN(6) Games Manual HANGMAN(6)

hangmancomputer version of the game hangman

hangman [-k] [-d wordlist]

In hangman, the computer picks a word from the on-line word list and you must try to guess it. The computer keeps track of which letters have been guessed and how many wrong guesses you have made on the screen in a graphic fashion.

The options are as follows:

Use the specified wordlist instead of the default. If the wordlist file is an ELF binary file, its symbols are used as the word list. Otherwise, the wordlist file must be a plain text file, with one word per line. Only lowercase words of at least a certain length (typically 6 characters) are chosen.
Use the kernel symbols, as read from /dev/ksyms, instead of the default wordlist.

Kernel symbols file.
Default word list.

ddb(4), ksyms(4)

Ken Arnold

February 7, 2015 OpenBSD-7.4