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DHCPLEASECTL(8) System Manager's Manual DHCPLEASECTL(8)

dhcpleasectlcontrol the dhcpleased client

dhcpleasectl [-l] [-s socket] [-w maxwait] interface

The dhcpleasectl program instructs the dhcpleased(8) daemon to request a new lease.

The following options are available:

List the configured lease on interface instead of requesting a new lease.
Use socket instead of the default /dev/dhcpleased.sock to communicate with dhcpleased(8).
Specify the maximum number of seconds to wait for interface to be configured. The default is to wait 10 seconds unless -l is specified.

UNIX-domain socket used for communication with dhcpleased(8).

dhcpleased.conf(5), dhcpleased(8)

The dhcpleasectl program first appeared in OpenBSD 6.9.

March 2, 2023 OpenBSD-7.4