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VWAKEUP(9) Kernel Developer's Manual VWAKEUP(9)

vwakeupupdate outstanding I/O count and do wakeup on a vnode

#include <sys/param.h>
#include <sys/vnode.h>

vwakeup(struct vnode *vp);

The () function updates the number of outstanding I/O operations on the target vnode, stored in its v_numoutput field. If the target vnode has the VBIOWAIT flag set in its v_bioflag field and has no outstanding I/O operations remaining, a wakeup(9) is performed as well.

The () function must be called at splbio(9).

panic(9), splbio(9), vnode(9), vwaitforio(9), wakeup(9)

This document first appeared in OpenBSD 3.7.

Calling vwakeup() more times than the number of outstanding I/O operations will cause the system to panic(9).

August 14, 2013 OpenBSD-7.3