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RADIUSCTL(8) System Manager's Manual RADIUSCTL(8)

radiusctlcontrol the RADIUS protocol daemon

radiusctl command [argument ...]

The radiusctl utility controls the radiusd(8) daemon.

The following commands are available:

hostname radius_secret user_name [options]
Sends a RADIUS authentication request packet and shows the result. The request is for the user specified by user_name and sent to the RADIUS server specified by hostname. radius_secret is the shared secret with the server. The options are as follows:
Specifies how many seconds to wait before resending a packet. The default is 2.
Specifies the maximum amount of time to wait for a valid reply packet. The default is 8.
Use method for authentication. It can be either pap, chap, or mschapv2. If this option is omitted, pap is used.
Specify an integer value for the NAS-Port attribute in the packet. If this option is omitted, 0 is used.
Use password for user_name.
Use port when sending a packet to hostname. If the port is omitted, the default port number 1812 is used.
Specifies the number of packets to try sending. The default is 3.


February 25, 2020 OpenBSD-7.3