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HTTPD(8) System Manager's Manual HTTPD(8)

httpdHTTP daemon

httpd [-dnv] [-D macro=value] [-f file]

The httpd daemon is an HTTP server with FastCGI and TLS support.

The FastCGI implementation has optional socket support. httpd can log to syslog(3) or per-server files with several standard formats.

httpd rereads its configuration file when it receives SIGHUP and reopens log files when it receives SIGUSR1.

The options are as follows:

Set a macro to a value. Macros can be referenced in the configuration files.
Debug mode. Create one server and don't detach or become a daemon. This allows for easy monitoring of httpd.
Specifies the configuration file. The default is /etc/httpd.conf.
Check that the configuration is valid, but don't start any servers.
Verbose mode. Multiple -v options increase the verbosity.

Default configuration file.
Default SSL/TLS server key.
Default SSL/TLS server certificate.
Default access log file.
Default error log file.

acme-client(1), httpd.conf(5), slowcgi(8)

The httpd program first appeared in OpenBSD 5.6. httpd is based on relayd(8).

The httpd program was written by Reyk Floeter <>.

October 24, 2022 OpenBSD-7.3