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MPROTECT(2) System Calls Manual MPROTECT(2)

mprotectcontrol the protection of pages

#include <sys/mman.h>

mprotect(void *addr, size_t len, int prot);

The () system call sets the access protections for the pages that contain the address range addr through addr + len - 1 (inclusive). If len is 0, no action is taken on the page that contains addr.

The protections (region accessibility) are specified in the prot argument. It should either be PROT_NONE (no permissions) or the bitwise OR of one or more of the following values:

Pages may be executed.
Pages may be read.
Pages may be written.

Not all implementations will guarantee protection on a page basis; the granularity of protection changes may be as large as an entire region. Nor will all implementations guarantee to give exactly the requested permissions; more permissions may be granted than requested by prot. However, if PROT_WRITE was not specified then the page will not be writable.

Upon successful completion, the value 0 is returned; otherwise the value -1 is returned and the global variable errno is set to indicate the error.

mprotect() will fail if:

The process does not have sufficient access to the underlying memory object to provide the requested protection.
The process has locked future pages with mlockall(MCL_FUTURE), a page being protected is not currently accessible, and making it accessible and locked would exceed process or system limits.
The accesses requested in the prot argument are not allowed. In particular, PROT_WRITE | mappings are not permitted in most binaries (see kern.wxabort in sysctl(2) for more information).
The prot argument is invalid or the specified address range would wrap around.

madvise(2), msync(2), munmap(2)

The mprotect() function conforms to IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 (“POSIX.1”).

The mprotect() function has been available since 4.3BSD-Net/2.

The OpenBSD implementation of mprotect() does not require addr to be page-aligned, although other implementations may.

June 30, 2021 OpenBSD-7.2