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ZX(4) Device Drivers Manual (sparc64) ZX(4)

zxaccelerated 24-bit color frame buffer

zx* at sbus?
wsdisplay* at zx?

The ZX and TurboZX are dual-slot SBus color frame buffers, with graphics acceleration and overlay capabilities. They are also known as the Sun “Leo” graphics card.

The zx driver interfaces the frame buffer with the wscons(4) console framework. It does not provide direct device driver entry points but makes its functions available via the internal wsdisplay(4) interface.

The following resolutions are supported by the ZX frame buffer:

Refresh Rate
76 Hz Non-interlaced
67 Hz Non-interlaced
76 Hz Non-interlaced
66 Hz Non-interlaced
76 Hz Non-interlaced
60 Hz Non-interlaced
112 Hz Stereo, non-interlaced 56 Hz field rate per eye
108 Hz Stereo, non-interlaced 54 Hz field rate per eye
50 Hz Interlaced - PAL
59.94 Hz Interlaced - NTSC

If the ZX frame buffer is connected to a monitor at boot time, it will select its display resolution depending of the monitor ‘select code’ provided by the 13W3 connector. If the frame buffer is not connected to a monitor, the default resolution of 1152x900, with a 66 Hz refresh rate, will be selected. The selected resolutions are:

1024x768 76 Hz X449A
1152x900 66 Hz
1280x1024 76 Hz X248A, GDM-205S
1152x900 66 Hz GDM-1955A15, GDM-1604A15, CPD-1790
1280x1024 67 Hz GDM-20D10, GDM-1962
1152x900 66 Hz
1152x900 76 Hz GDM-1662B, 17SMM4
1152x900 66 Hz

intro(4), sbus(4), wscons(4), wsdisplay(4)

There is currently no software interface to change the frame buffer resolution at runtime.

September 3, 2011 OpenBSD-7.1