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WCTOB(3) Library Functions Manual WCTOB(3)

wctobconvert a wide character to a single byte character

#include <wchar.h>

wctob(wint_t wc);

The () function converts a wide character wc to a corresponding single byte character in the initial shift state of the current locale.

The behaviour of the () is affected by the LC_CTYPE category of the current locale.

The wctob() function returns:

if wc is WEOF or if wc does not correspond to a valid single byte character representation.
a single byte character corresponding to wc.

No errors are defined.

btowc(3), setlocale(3), wcrtomb(3)

The wctob() function conforms to ISO/IEC 9899/AMD1:1995 (“ISO C90, Amendment 1”).

May 31, 2007 OpenBSD-7.1