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qmake-moduledevel/qmake port module

This manual page documents the behavior of setting MODULES=devel/qmake in the ports(7) tree.

This module automates usage of qmake, independently of the actual version of Qt being used. This module requires that one of the x11/qt3, x11/qt4 or x11/qt5 to be used as well.

If CONFIGURE_STYLE was not set before, sets its value to ‘qmake’. If CONFIGURE_STYLE contains ‘qmake’ the module will define each of the do-build and do-install targets, unless port already defines one; also, SEPARATE_BUILD will be set to ‘Yes’ unless it's already set to some value. Also, unless NO_TEST is set, the do-test target will be defined.

The following variables could be used in qmake-based ports:

Additional arguments for qmake invocation. The module already defines some.
Root directory for fake install. Normally, it's a WRKINST, but some (broken) ports require another value, like PREFIX.
List of qmake project files to be used, relative to WRKSRC. Directories containing those projects could be used as well, see qmake documentation for details. Defaults to ‘.’, which means the (only) project in WRKSRC directory.
If ‘Yes’, then qmake will be run recursively during configure stage; otherwise, only projects mentioned in MODQMAKE_PROJECTS will be processed during configure stage, and their descendants will be visited during main build phase. Sometimes a qmake project processing depends on files generated by other qmake project during build, and recursive builds break this. For Qt4+ defaults to ‘Yes’, and Qt3 doesn't support recursive configuring.
Actual commands that module will use to build all MODQMAKE_PROJECTS provided. To be used in complicated cases, when port have to use its own do-build target or mix different CONFIGURE_STYLE values.
Same as for MODQMAKE_build, but used in do-install stage.


July 25, 2021 OpenBSD-7.1