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dhclient.leasesDHCP client lease database

dhclient(8) keeps a persistent database of leases that it has acquired that are still valid. The database is a free-form ASCII file containing one valid declaration per lease. The file is written as a log, so the last declaration is the most recent lease obtained.

The lease file is named /var/db/dhclient.leases.⟨IFNAME⟩, where "IFNAME" represents the network interface dhclient(8) acquired the lease on. For example, if dhclient(8) is configured for the em0 network device, the lease file will be named /var/db/dhclient.leases.em0,

A lease statement has the format

lease { lease-declaration; ...; }

Where lease-declaration is one of:

The lease was acquired using the BOOTP protocol rather than the DHCP protocol.

The time(3) when the lease was obtained. This value is used to convert the values of the DHCP options dhcp-lease-time, dhcp-renewal-time, and dhcp-rebinding-time to times. A value of 0 will cause epoch to be set to the current time when dhclient.leases is processed.

is when dhclient(8) will no longer use the lease to configure the interface. rebind is when dhclient(8) will begin trying to renew the lease with broadcasts to any server. renew is when dhclient(8) will begin trying to renew the lease with unicasts to the originating server.

Dates are specified in accordance with the strptime(3) format:

%w %Y/%m/%d %T UTC

For example:

renew 1 2017/10/16 14:03:49 UTC

expire, rebind, renew are just comments that are ignored when processing dhclient.leases. The values used by dhclient(8) are always recalculated based on epoch when dhclient.leases is processed.

The boot filename.

The IPv4 address of the lease. This is required for all lease statements. The IPv4 address is specified as a dotted quad (e.g.

The IPv4 address of the boot server. The IPv4 address is specified as a dotted quad (e.g.

option option-value
The value of option. DHCP options are described in dhcp-options(5).

The name of the boot server.

The SSID to which the lease applies.

Persistent database of leases for ⟨IFNAME⟩.

dhclient.conf(5), dhcp-options(5), dhcpd.conf(5), dhclient(8), dhcpd(8)

December 18, 2017 OpenBSD-7.1