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ACPIVIDEO(4) Device Drivers Manual ACPIVIDEO(4)

acpivideoACPI video

acpivideo* at acpi?

The acpivideo driver supports ACPI display output switching and brightness control. Output displays can take the form of CRTs, LCDs, TV-OUTs or any similar devices that may be connected to the machine.

acpi(4), acpithinkpad(4), acpitoshiba(4), acpivout(4), intro(4)

The acpivideo driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.6.

The acpivideo driver was written by Federico G. Schwindt <> and Paul Irofti <>.

On IBM and Lenovo ThinkPad systems, acpivideo functionality is handled by the acpithinkpad(4) driver.

April 6, 2020 OpenBSD-7.1