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XP(4) Device Drivers Manual (luna88k) XP(4)

xpHD647180X I/O processor

xp0 at mainbus0

The file /dev/xp is an mmap(2) capable interface to the memory area of the HD647180X I/O processor (so-called "XP") on LUNA-88K and LUNA-88K2. Byte offsets in this file are interpreted as relative memory addresses of the I/O processor. The range should be between 0x0 and 0xffff.

The following ioctl(2) call applies to /dev/xp:

struct xp_download
Load binary and reset I/O processor.
struct xp_download {
        u_int   size;
	u_char  *data;

The size member specifies the loading binary size, in bytes. The data member points to the binary image.


The specified size is 0 or more than the I/O processor's memory size.
Memory could not be allocated for loading.


The /dev/xp file first appeared in OpenBSD 6.1.

February 11, 2017 OpenBSD-6.9