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NPPPD(8) System Manager's Manual NPPPD(8)

npppdnew Point-to-Point Protocol daemon

npppd [-dn] [-f config_file]

npppd is a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and tunneling daemon capable of L2TP, PPTP, and PPPoE.

Do not daemonize. If this option is specified, npppd will run in the foreground and log to .
Specify an alternative configuration file.
Configtest mode. Only check the configuration file for validity.

Normally npppd works with pipex(4) to accelerate IP packet forwarding, but pipex(4) is disabled by default. To enable it, set net.pipex.enable to ‘1’ using sysctl(8).

When npppd uses PPTP, the host system should allow GRE packets, but they are disabled by default. To enable GRE, set net.inet.gre.allow to ‘1’ using sysctl(8).

Default npppd configuration file.

gre(4), pipex(4), pppx(4), npppd.conf(5), npppctl(8), sysctl(8)

The npppd program first appeared in OpenBSD 5.3.

The npppd program was written by Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

If l2tp-require-ipsec is set to “yes” with an L2TP tunnel, all incoming L2TP/IPsec packets are dropped.

June 13, 2020 OpenBSD-6.9