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FUSE_DAEMONIZE(3) Library Functions Manual FUSE_DAEMONIZE(3)

fuse_daemonizerun in the background

#include <fuse.h>

fuse_daemonize(int foreground);

If foreground is 1, () will detach from the controlling terminal and run in the background as a system daemon. Otherwise, the process will continue to run in the foreground.

The current working directory is changed to the root (/) and standard input; standard output and standard error are redirected to /dev/null.

Upon success, fuse_daemonize() returns 0; otherwise -1 is returned.

fuse_daemonize() can fail for the same reasons as daemon(3).

daemon(3), fuse_parse_cmdline(3)

The fuse_daemonize() function conforms to FUSE 2.6.

The fuse_daemonize() function first appeared in OpenBSD 5.4.

Sylvestre Gallon <>

November 28, 2018 OpenBSD-6.9