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TTYFLAGS(8) System Manager's Manual TTYFLAGS(8)

ttyflagsset device-specific flags for terminals

ttyflags [-pv] [-a | tty ...]

ttyflags sets the device-specific flags for terminals, based on the flags found on the terminal's line in /etc/ttys.

The options are as follows:

Set the flags for all terminals in /etc/ttys.
Print out flag information about each terminal, instead of setting anything.
Be verbose about what the terminal's flags will be set to.

The tty arguments are optional, but must not be specified if the -a flag is used. If specified, the tty arguments should be the base names of the ttys, as found in /etc/ttys.


getttyent(3), ttys(5)

The ttyflags utility appeared in NetBSD 0.9A.

The conditions on which to report an error are ill-defined. ttyflags tries to report all significant errors, perhaps going over-board at times.

May 31, 2007 OpenBSD-6.8