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TGA(4) Device Drivers Manual (alpha) TGA(4)

tgaDECchip 21030 (TGA) graphics driver

tga* at pci?
wsdisplay* at tga?

This driver handles DECchip 21030 (TGA) graphics hardware within the wscons(4) console framework.

On TGA adapters, the resolution is set on the card and is not changed at runtime. On some TGA models, there are four DIP switches. On other models, there is a rotary switch with positions 0-F. There are also some that use jumpers.

130 1280x1024 72
119 1280x1024 66
108 1280x1024 60
104 1152x900 72
93 1152x900 66
75 1024x768 70
74 1024x768 72
69 1024x864 60
65 1024x768 60
50 800x600 72
40 800x600 60
32 640x480 72
25 640x480 60

The settings for D, E, and F are for 1600x1200 on some cards, but there are no guarantees.

There are also a couple of extra jumpers on some cards. One of these jumpers often selects the card to be the primary display. Exactly one of the cards in your machine should have that jumper on. If you have extra cards, they should have the jumper off.

intro(4), pci(4), wscons(4), wsdisplay(4), wsconscfg(8)

DECchip 21030 PCI Graphics Accelerator Reference Manual, EC-N0683-72.

There are some problems with the background randomly switching between black and blue.

April 17, 2013 OpenBSD-6.8