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BUILD-DEBUG-INFO(1) General Commands Manual BUILD-DEBUG-INFO(1)

build-debug-infogenerate packing-lists and Makefiles for debug packages


build-debug-info [-mnqvx] -P pkgdir -- pkg_create_args ...

build-debug-info is a helper script for generating debug package information in, with similar calling conventions to update-plist(1).

Along with options and environment variables, build-debug-info uses the exact same options and arguments that would be passed to pkg_create(1). Since pkg_create(1) normally takes one single actual pkgname, there is no ambiguity in MULTI_PACKAGES situations.

The first set of arguments correspond to the ‘default package’.

The options are as follows:

directory used for generating output (mandatory).
Quiet mode. Do not display status progress messages. Note that this is not the opposite of verbose mode.
Verbose mode. Explain about directories stripped from dependencies. Note that this is not the opposite of quiet mode.

build-debug-info will read each packing-list list and generate a corresponding debug-list under pkgdir.

The full list of Makefile rules needed to generate those files and directories will be written as pkgdir/Makefile.

pkg_add(1), pkg_create(1), update-plist(1),

November 13, 2019 OpenBSD-6.8