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GETRPCENT(3) Library Functions Manual GETRPCENT(3)

getrpcent, getrpcbyname, getrpcbynumber, endrpcent, setrpcentget RPC entry

#include <rpc/rpc.h>

struct rpcent *

struct rpcent *
getrpcbyname(char *name);

struct rpcent *
getrpcbynumber(int number);

setrpcent(int stayopen);


(), getrpcbyname(), and getrpcbynumber(), each return a pointer to an object with the following structure containing the broken-out fields of a line in the rpc program number database, /etc/rpc:

struct rpcent {
	char	*r_name;	/* name of server for this rpc program */
	char	**r_aliases;	/* alias list */
	int	r_number;	/* rpc program number */

The members of this structure are:

The name of the server for this rpc program.
A zero terminated list of alternate names for the rpc program.
The rpc program number for this service.

() reads the next line of the file, opening the file if necessary.

() opens and rewinds the file. If the stayopen flag is non-zero, the net database will not be closed after each call to getrpcent() (either directly, or indirectly through one of the other “getrpc” calls).

() closes the file.

() and () sequentially search from the beginning of the file until a matching rpc program name or program number is found, or until end-of-file is encountered.


A NULL pointer is returned on EOF or error.

rpc(5), rpcinfo(8), ypserv(8)

All information is contained in a static area so it must be copied if it is to be saved.

June 5, 2013 OpenBSD-6.7