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clean-old-distfilesremove old distfiles

clean-old-distfiles [-nv] [-e except] [-h history] [timestamp]

clean-old-distfiles uses information provided by dpb(1) to remove obsolete distfiles: each time dpb(1) is run for a full scan of the ports tree, it appends to an history log that records obsolete distfiles.

clean-old-distfiles can be used to prune that log prior to a given timestamp and remove the corresponding distfiles.

For normal files, clean-old-distfiles verifies sha256(1) checksums prior to removal. clean-old-distfiles also removes links under by_cipher/sha256, but it trusts that the checksums for these are accurate.

The timestamp optional argument is given in seconds since the epoch, see date(1).

Options are as follows:

Read exception list from file except. Each line is the name of a file that shouldn't be removed.
Read log from history file history instead of the default /usr/ports/distfiles/history. Turns on -nv, as this is a testing option.
Don't really remove files.
Display what will be removed, as rm file lines.

base of the ports tree, can be overridden with env variable PORTSDIR.
location of the distfiles repository, can be overridden with env variable DISTDIR.
log of obsolete distfiles.

dpb(1), sha256(1), mirroring-ports(7)

June 26, 2018 OpenBSD-6.5