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REBOUND(8) System Manager's Manual REBOUND(8)

reboundDNS proxy

rebound [-d] [-c config] [-l address]

The rebound daemon proxies and caches DNS requests. It listens by default on localhost and forwards queries to another server.

If sent a SIGUSR1 signal, rebound logs statistics to /var/log/daemon.

The options are as follows:

Specify an alternative configuration file, instead of the default /etc/resolv.conf. rebound will reload the configuration file when sent a SIGHUP signal or when the file changes. The nameserver option is used to indicate the next server to contact. Localhost entries will be skipped, allowing the same file to be shared with libc. Minimal static records may also be specified as "record A name IP".
Debug mode. rebound does not fork(2) into the background.
Listen for connections by binding to address, an IP specified in dotted quad notation, instead of the default of localhost.

Default rebound configuration file.

resolv.conf(5), unbound(8)

The rebound daemon first appeared in OpenBSD 5.9.

Ted Unangst <>

May 8, 2018 OpenBSD-6.4