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CTFCONV(1) General Commands Manual CTFCONV(1)

ctfconvgenerates a raw CTF section from debug data

ctfconv [-d] -l label -o outfile file

The ctfconv utility parses DWARF debug sections of file to generate CTF data.

The options are as follows:

Display types as if they would be dumped from a .SUNW_ctf section by ctfdump(1) and exit. This option cannot be used in conjunction with other modes of operation.
Set the CTF label to label.
Write the raw section in outfile.

The ctfconv utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

ctfdump(1), ctfstrip(1)

The ctfconv utility first appeared in OpenBSD 6.2.

Martin Pieuchot <>

October 17, 2017 OpenBSD-6.4