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UTWITCH(4) Device Drivers Manual UTWITCH(4)

utwitchYUREX USB twitch/jiggle of knee sensor

utwitch* at uhidev?

The utwitch driver provides support for the Maywa-denki & KAYAC YUREX device. The device has a sensor to count user's leg twitch and it possesses a collection of sensor values which are made available through the sysctl(8) interface. The counter unit for twitch is "BBU" (BinBo-YUsuri or Bounding Body from Unconsciousness) and the unit for BBU speed is "mBBU/sec" (milli BBU per second).

intro(4), uhidev(4), sensorsd(8), sysctl(8)

The YUREX Web Page,

The utwitch driver was originally named uyurex.

The utwitch driver was written by Yojiro UO <>.

August 7, 2013 OpenBSD-6.3