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HYPERV(4) Device Drivers Manual HYPERV(4)

hypervHyper-V guest nexus device

hyperv0 at pvbus?

hyperv driver performs Synthetic Interrupt Controller initialization, sets up hypercalls, and provides access to VMBus services required by paravirtualized devices such as disk and network interfaces.

An access is also provided to the Key-Value Pair exchange interface via pvbus(4). All keys are associated to one of several key pools: Auto, Guest, External or Guest/Parameters. It's possible to modify values of keys in the Auto pool as well as set new keys in the Guest pool with hostctl(8). The Host provides its read-only keys in External and Guest/Parameters pools.

autoconf(4), intro(4), pvbus(4), hostctl(8)

The hyperv driver first appeared in OpenBSD 6.1.

The hyperv driver was written by Mike Belopuhov <> based on the FreeBSD driver by the Microsoft BSD Integration Services Team <>.

Generation 2 Virtual Machines are currently not supported.

September 18, 2017 OpenBSD-6.3