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SWITCHCTL(8) System Manager's Manual SWITCHCTL(8)

switchctlcontrol the SDN flow controller

switchctl [-q] [-s socket] command [arg ...]

The switchctl program controls the switchd(8) daemon.

The options are as follows:

Don't ask for confirmation of any default options.
Use socket instead of the default /var/run/switchd.sock to communicate with switchd(8).

The following commands are available to control switchd(8):

address [forward-to address]
Connect to a new switch by address, for example, or a switch(4) control device, for example /dev/switch0. switchd will forward all OpenFlow requests of the switch to a remote controller if the optional forward-to address is specified.
Close the client connection to a remote switch or a switch(4) control device.
address request
Request information from a remote switch. switchctl will send an OpenFlow request to the remote switch that is specified by address. The request can be one of the following:

Request the switch description.
Request the switch features.
Request the tables and flows.
Request the tables.
filename address
Reload the configuration from the specified file.
Disable verbose logging.
Enable verbose logging.
Monitor internal messages of the switchd(8) subsystems.
Reload the configuration from the default configuration file.
Reset the running state.
Display all known mac addresses.
Display a list of all switches and mac addresses.
Display all known switches.

Active configuration.
default UNIX-domain socket used for communication with switchd(8)

bridge(4), switchd.conf(5), switchd(8)

The switchctl program first appeared in OpenBSD 6.1.

The switchctl program was written by Reyk Floeter <>.

November 15, 2016 OpenBSD-6.2