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RADIUSCTL(8) System Manager's Manual RADIUSCTL(8)

radiusctlcontrol the RADIUS protocol daemon

radiusctl command [argument ...]

The radiusctl utility controls the radiusd(8) daemon.

The following commands are available:

hostname radius_secret user_name [options]
Sends a RADIUS authentication request packet and shows the result. The request is for the user specified by user_name and sent to the RADIUS server specified by hostname. radius_secret is the shared secret with the server. The options are as follows:
Use method for authentication. It can be either pap, chap, or mschapv2. If this option is omitted, pap is used.
Specify an integer value for the NAS-Port attribute in the packet. If this option is omitted, 0 is used.
Use password for user_name.
Use port when sending a packet to hostname. If the port is omitted, the default port number 1812 is used.


August 25, 2015 OpenBSD-6.2