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ASP(4) Device Drivers Manual (hppa) ASP(4)

aspcore bus controller as present on older HP 9000/700 machines

asp0 at mainbus? irq 28
gsc* at asp?

The supported Core bus controllers are those present on older PA-RISC workstations, and include:

The irq level supplied is hardwired to the CPU pin, so changing the value would not produce any noticeable results (except lost interrupts for the whole I/O subsystem).

An incomplete list of machines that use the ASP bus controller:

gsc(4), intro(4), io(4)

Hardball I/O Subsystem ERS, Revision 1.1, Hewlett-Packard, 30 September 1991.

The asp driver appeared in OpenBSD 2.4.

September 10, 2015 OpenBSD-6.2