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SSL_DUP_CA_LIST(3) Library Functions Manual SSL_DUP_CA_LIST(3)

SSL_dup_CA_listdeep copy of a stack of X.509 Name objects

SSL_dup_CA_list(STACK_OF(X509_NAME) *sk);

() constructs a new STACK_OF(X509_NAME) object and places copies of all the X509_NAME objects found on sk on it.

SSL_dup_CA_list() returns the new STACK_OF(X509_NAME) or NULL on failure.

SSL_CTX_set_client_CA_list(3), SSL_get_client_CA_list(3), SSL_load_client_CA_file(3), X509_NAME_new(3)

SSL_dup_CA_list() is available in all versions of OpenSSL.

December 14, 2016 OpenBSD-6.1