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INSTALLBOOT(8) System Manager's Manual (sparc) INSTALLBOOT(8)

installbootinstall a bootstrap on an FFS filesystem partition

installboot [-hnv] [-a karch] boot bootxx device

installboot prepares an FFS filesystem partition for boot-strapping from the PROM. The sparc bootblocks are split into two parts: a small first-stage program that is written into the superblock area in a partition (and hence is limited in size to SBSIZE - DEV_BSIZE bytes), and a second-stage program that resides in the filesystem proper. The first-stage program is loaded into memory by the PROM. After it receives control, it loads the second stage program from a set of filesystem block numbers that have been hard-coded into it by the installboot program. The second-stage boot program uses the device driver interface to the PROM and the stand-alone filesystem code in “libsa.a” to locate and load the kernel. The second-stage boot program and the prototype code for the first-stage bootprogram can be found in /usr/mdec/boot and /usr/mdec/bootxx respectively. The second-stage program commonly resides in the root directory as /boot. The utility /usr/mdec/binstall can be used to properly copy the second-stage bootprogram to its destination. This script takes care of post-processing that is required on non-Openboot machines.

The options are as follows:

Set the machine architecture. The argument karch can be one of “sun4”, “sun4c” or “sun4m”. Sun 4c models with Openboot PROMs need the header to be present, while Sun 4 systems with the “old monitor” interface require the header to be stripped off. This is normally taken care of by installboot automatically, but it's useful when preparing a bootable filesystem for another system.
Leave the a.out header on the installed bootxx program. This option has been superseded by the -a karch option.
Do not actually write anything on the disk.
Verbose mode.

The arguments are:

The name of the second-stage boot program in the file system where the first-stage boot program is to be installed.
The name of the prototype file for the first stage boot program.
The name of the raw device in which the first-stage boot program is to be installed. This should correspond to the block device on which the file system containing boot is mounted.

The following command will install the first-stage bootblocks in the root filesystem (assumed to be mounted on “sd0a”) using the file /boot as the second-level boot program:

# installboot /boot /usr/mdec/bootxx /dev/rsd0a

disklabel(8), init(8)

The installboot first appeared in NetBSD 1.1.

January 15, 2015 OpenBSD-6.0