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SSL_get_peer_cert_chainget the X509 certificate chain of the peer

#include <openssl/ssl.h>

STACK_OF(X509) *
SSL_get_peer_cert_chain(const SSL *ssl);

() returns a pointer to STACK_OF(X509) certificates forming the certificate chain of the peer. If called on the client side, the stack also contains the peer's certificate; if called on the server side, the peer's certificate must be obtained separately using SSL_get_peer_certificate(3). If the peer did not present a certificate, NULL is returned.

The peer certificate chain is not necessarily available after reusing a session, in which case a NULL pointer is returned.

The reference count of the STACK_OF(X509) object is not incremented. If the corresponding session is freed, the pointer must not be used any longer.

The following return values can occur:

No certificate was presented by the peer or no connection was established or the certificate chain is no longer available when a session is reused.
Pointer to a STACK_OF(X509)
The return value points to the certificate chain presented by the peer.

ssl(3), SSL_get_peer_certificate(3)

December 2, 2014 OpenBSD-6.0