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LKKBD(4) Device Drivers Manual (vax) LKKBD(4)

lkkbdLK200/LK400 keyboard driver

lkkbd0 at dz0 line 0 (VAXstation)
lkkbd0 at qsc0 line 2 (VXT2000)
wskbd* at lkkbd?

The lkkbd driver provides support for DEC LK201 and LK401 keyboards connected to dz(4) or qsc(4) serial controllers within the wscons(4) framework.

The lkkbd driver supports a number of different key mappings which can be chosen from with the kernel option “LKKBD_LAYOUT” at compile time or with the utility wsconsctl(8) (variable: “keyboard.encoding”) at runtime. Other mappings can be used if the whole keymap is replaced by means of wsconsctl(8). The built-in mappings are at this time:

(de) German with “dead accents”.
(fr) French.
(pt) Portuguese.
(us) English/US keyboard mapping (default).

The KB_DE mapping can be used in the KB_NODEAD (.nodead) variant. This switches off the “dead accents”.

To set a French keyboard layout, use wsconsctl keyboard.encoding=fr. To set it at kernel build time, add the following to the kernel configuration file:


dz(4), intro(4), qsc(4), wscons(4), wskbd(4), wsconsctl(8)

The LK-201 keyboard does not have a “Meta” or “Alt” key. For convenience, OpenBSD handles the “Compose” key as an “Alt” key, unless the “Shift” key is pressed as well.

LK-401 keyboards have two “Alt” keys and two “Compose” keys, and do not exhibit this particular behaviour.

January 30, 2011 OpenBSD-5.8