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UPDATE-PATCHES(1) General Commands Manual UPDATE-PATCHES(1)

update-patchescreate or update patches for a given port.


update-patches is a helper script for the target update-patches in It takes no argument, but uses quite a few environment variables as implicit parameters.

update-patches looks under WRKDIST for patched files. Those are files with extension PATCHORIG, except for those matching also DISTORIG.

Once those files are found, they are matched against the contents of directory PATCHDIR, most specifically files matching wildcard PATCH_LIST. Matching files are regenerated using

diff -u -p -a ${DIFF_ARGS} $file$PATCHORIG $file

and compared. Modified patches are updated and reported, new patches are generated, and old patches that no longer seem to exist are also reported.

update-patches patches with problematic cvs(1) keywords are also reported.

update-patches prints the list of changed patches for further study.

cvs(1), diff(1), patch(1).

September 21, 2010 OpenBSD-5.5