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ZTSSCALE(8) System Manager's Manual (zaurus) ZTSSCALE(8)

ztsscaleZaurus touch screen calibration tool


The Zaurus lcd(4) screen and zts(4) touch point scanning logic is poorly aligned and requires calibration. ztsscale is used interactively (and at installation time) to calculate both the scaling and offset values which will make the pointer act at the indicated location on the screen.

When run as root from the raw console, ztsscale temporarily takes over the Zaurus wsdisplay(4) attached to the lcd(4), and prompts for five crosshairs to be touched.

When good deviations are calculated from the selections made at these points, ztsscale will exit and provide on standard output a result like the following:


This result should be placed into /etc/wsconsctl.conf for future use, or can be immediately applied using:

# wsconsctl mouse.scale=200,3400,312,3672,0,640,480

lcd(4), zts(4), wsconsctl.conf(5), wsconsctl(8)

The ztsscale command appeared in OpenBSD 3.8.

May 31, 2007 OpenBSD-5.3