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INSTALLBOOT(8) System Manager's Manual (mvme68k) INSTALLBOOT(8)

installbootinstall a bootstrap on an FFS disk

installboot [-n] [-v] boot bootxx rawdev

installboot is used to install a "first-stage" boot program into the boot area of an FFS disk partition, and initialize the table of block numbers the bootxx program uses to load the second-stage boot program.

The options are as follows:

Do not actually write anything on the disk.
Be verbose, printing out the block numbers that bootxx will use to load boot.

The arguments are:

the name of the second-stage boot program in the file system where the first-stage boot program is to be installed.
the name of the prototype file for the first stage boot program.
the name of the raw device in which the first-stage boot program is to be installed. This should correspond to the block device on which the file system containing boot is mounted.

cp /usr/mdec/bootsd /boot
/usr/mdec/installboot /boot /usr/mdec/bootxx /dev/rsd0a

disklabel(8), init(8)

March 6, 2010 OpenBSD-5.3