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GLXPCIB(4) Device Drivers Manual (loongson) GLXPCIB(4)

glxpcibAMD CS5536 PCI-ISA bridge with timecounter

glxpcib* at pci?
glxclk* at glxpcib?
isa* at glxpcib?

The glxpcib driver provides support for the AMD Geode CS5536 Companion chip. This device contains a number of components, including a PCI-ISA bridge. Besides the core functionality, the glxpcib driver implements a 32-bit 3.5 MHz timecounter.

glxclk(4), intro(4), isa(4), pci(4), pcib(4), gpioctl(8)

The glxpcib driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.3 on the i386 platform.

The glxpcib driver was written by Michael Shalayeff.

February 5, 2013 OpenBSD-5.3