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LOGIN_KRB5-OR-PWD(8) System Manager's Manual LOGIN_KRB5-OR-PWD(8)

login_krb5-or-pwdprovide KerberosV or password authentication type

login_krb5-or-pwd [-s service] [-v arguments] user [class]

The login_krb5-or-pwd program first attempts to authenticate the user via KerberosV and, failing that, falls back to standard password authentication.

If KerberosV is not configured on the system, login_krb5-or-pwd is equivalent to calling login_passwd(8). When root tries to login, login_krb5-or-pwd skips KerberosV authentication, as this may give problems in case of a network failure.

The user argument is the user's name to be authenticated.

The service argument specifies which protocol to use with the invoking program. The allowed protocols are , challenge, and . (The challenge protocol is silently ignored but will report success as KerberosV authentication is not challenge-response based).

The arguments following -v are the same as for login_krb5(8) and login_passwd(8). Unknown arguments are ignored.

login_krb5-or-pwd will prompt the user for a password and report back to the invoking program whether or not the authentication was successful.

login(1), passwd(1), su(1), login.conf(5), ftpd(8), kerberos(8), login_krb5(8), login_passwd(8)

May 31, 2007 OpenBSD-5.3