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FWIO(4) Device Drivers Manual (vax) FWIO(4)

fwioFirefox Workstation I/O module

fwio* at mbus?
dz* at fwio?
le* at fwio?
sii* at fwio?

The fwio driver supports the M-bus I/O module found in VAXstation 35x0 and 38x0 series. Multiple modules may be installed in the system, and at least one is necessary for proper operation.

The I/O module provides the following devices:

DZ-11 compatible serial interface, featuring a console or printer port on line 3, a modem port on line 2, and a keyboard and mouse port on lines 0 and 1.
AMD LANCE Ethernet device
SII DSSI and SCSI controller

intro(4), mbus(4)

August 18, 2008 OpenBSD-5.3