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CZ(4) Device Drivers Manual CZ(4)

czCyclades-Z series multi-port serial adapter device

cz* at pci?

The cz device driver supports the Cyclades-Z series of multi-port serial adapters. The Cyclades-Z is an intelligent serial controller comprising:

The MIPS CPU runs firmware provided by the device driver. Communication with the MIPS is performed by modifying data structures located in board local RAM or host RAM.

The Cyclades-Z comes in three basic flavors:

The Cyclades-Z has several features to improve performance under high serial I/O load:

dial-in (normal) TTY device
dial-out TTY device

intro(4), pci(4), termios(4), tty(4)

The cz driver first appeared in OpenBSD 3.0.

The cz driver was written by Jason R. Thorpe ⟨⟩ and Bill Studenmund ⟨⟩ of Zembu Labs, Inc.

The cz driver does not currently implement communication via host RAM. While this may improve performance by reducing the number of PCI memory space read/write cycles, it is not straightforward to implement with the current bus_dma(9) API.

Interrupt mode has not been tested.

There is no support for reading or writing the EEPROM connected to the PLX PCI bus controller.

October 31, 2009 OpenBSD-5.3