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SNMPD(8) System Manager's Manual SNMPD(8)


snmpdSimple Network Management Protocol daemon


snmpd [-dNnv] [-D macro=value] [-f file] [-r path]


snmpd is a daemon which implements the SNMP protocol.
The options are as follows:
-D macro=value
Define macro to be set to value on the command line. Overrides the definition of macro in the configuration file.
Do not daemonize and log to stderr.
-f file
Use file as the configuration file, instead of the default /etc/snmpd.conf.
Show numeric OID values instead of their symbolic names.
Configtest mode. Only check the configuration file for validity.
-r path
Open a second, restricted, control socket that snmpctl(8) can use. Only trap requests are allowed on this socket.
Produce more verbose output.


default snmpd configuration file
default snmpd control socket
snmpd Management Information Base definitions


snmpd.conf(5), snmpctl(8)
A Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), RFC 1157, May 1990.
SNMP Version 3 (SNMPv3), http://www.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de/projects/snmpv3/, March 2002.
Introduction and Applicability Statements for Internet Standard Management Framework, RFC 3410, December 2002.


The snmpd program first appeared in OpenBSD 4.3.


The snmpd program was written by Reyk Floeter ⟨reyk@vantronix.net⟩.


snmpd does not fully work yet.
May 24, 2010 OpenBSD-5.1