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IOPRBS(4) Device Drivers Manual IOPRBS(4)

ioprbsI2O SCSI RAID controller

ioprbs* at iop?
scsibus* at ioprbs?

The ioprbs driver provides support for I2O random block storages, like RAID-sets. So far only the following adapters have been tested:

Although only these adapters have been tested, the I2O interface is a generic one, and the driver should cope with all I2O random block storages with no further adaptions.

The storage is presented to the system as SCSI disks for uniformity with other RAID controllers we support. All RAID configuration is done through the controllers' BIOSes.

intro(4), iop(4), iopsp(4), scsi(4)

The ioprbs driver first appeared in OpenBSD 3.0.

The ioprbs driver was written by Niklas Hallqvist ⟨⟩, inspired by the NetBSD ld_iop driver by Andrew Doran ⟨⟩.

May 31, 2007 OpenBSD-5.1