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INSTALLBOOT(8)     OpenBSD System Manager's Manual (SPARC64)    INSTALLBOOT(8)

     installboot - install a bootstrap on an FFS filesystem partition

     installboot [-nv] bootblk device

     installboot prepares an FFS filesystem partition for boot-strapping from
     the PROM.  The sparc bootblocks are split into two parts: a small first-
     stage program that is written into the superblock area in a partition
     (and hence is limited in size to SBSIZE - DEV_BSIZE bytes), and a second-
     stage program that resides in the filesystem proper.  The first-stage
     program is loaded into memory by the PROM.  After it receives control, it
     loads the second stage program ofwboot from the filesystem.  The second-
     stage boot program uses the device driver interface to the PROM and the
     stand-alone filesystem code in ``libsa.a'' to locate and load the kernel.
     The second-stage boot program and the prototype code for the first-stage
     bootprogram can be found in /usr/mdec/ofwboot and /usr/mdec/bootblk re-
     spectively.  The second-stage program commonly resides in the root direc-
     tory as /ofwboot.

     The options are as follows:

     -n    Do not actually write anything on the disk.

     -v    Verbose mode.

     The arguments are:

     bootblk  the name of the prototype file for the first stage boot program.

     device   the name of the raw device in which the first-stage boot program
              is to be installed.  This should correspond to the block device
              on which the file system containing ofwboot is mounted.

     The following commands will install the first-stage bootblocks in the
     root filesystem (assumed to be mounted on ``sd0a'') using the file
     /ofwboot as the second-level boot program:

           # cp /usr/mdec/ofwboot /ofwboot
           # /usr/mdec/installboot /usr/mdec/bootblk /dev/rsd0c

     boot(8), disklabel(8), init(8)

     The installboot first appeared in NetBSD 1.1.

     installboot requires simultaneous access to the mounted file system and
     the raw device, but that is not allowed with the kernel securelevel vari-
     able set to a value greater than zero (the default), so installboot only
     works in single-user mode (or insecure mode - see init(8)).

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