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MPI(4)                    OpenBSD Programmer's Manual                   MPI(4)

     mpi - LSI Logic Fusion-MPT Message Passing Interface

     mpi* at pci?
     scsibus* at mpi?

     The mpi driver provides support for storage controllers using the LSI
     Logic Fusion-MPT Message Passing Interface family of chipsets:

           -   LSI Logic LSI53C1020, LSI53C1020A, LSI53C1030, LSI53C1030T,
               LSI53C1035, LSIFC909, LSIFC919, LSIFC919X, LSIFC929, LSIFC929X,
               LSIFC949, LSIFC949E, LSIFC949X, LSISAS1064, LSISAS1064E,
               LSISAS1068, LSISAS1068E

     These chipsets can be found on the following controllers:

           -   Apple Fibre Channel PCI Express Card, Fibre Channel PCI-X Card
           -   Dell PERC 4/im, SAS 5/E, SAS 5/i, SAS 5/iR, SAS 6/iR
           -   Hewlett-Packard 8 Internal Port SAS Host Bus Adapter with RAID,
               A7173A, AB290A, EH417AA
           -   LSI Logic LSI20320-R, LSI21320-IS, LSI21320-R, LSI22320-R,
               LSI40919H, LSI40919LH, LSI40919LO, LSI40919O, LSI40929H,
               LSI40929LH, LSI40929LO, LSI40929O, LSI7102XP, LSI7102XP-LC,
               LSI7104EP-LC, LSI7104XP-LC, LSI7202CP-LC, LSI7202EP-LC,
               LSI7202XP, LSI7202XP-LC, LSI7204EP-LC, LSI7204XP-LC, LSI7402XP,
               LSI7402XP-LC, LSI7404EP-LC, LSI7404XP-LC, LSISAS3041E-R,
               LSISAS3041X-R, LSISAS3080X-R, LSISAS3442E-R, LSISAS3442X,
               LSISAS3442X-R, LSISAS3800X, LSISAS3801E, LSISAS3801X,
               LSISAS8208ELP, LSISAS8208XLP, LSIU320

     The LSI Logic LSI53C1030 is emulated in the following products:

           -   VMware ESX Server 2.0 and higher, GSX Server 3.0 and higher,
               Player, Server, Workstation 4.5 and higher

     Some models of these controllers have varying degrees of support for RAID
     0 and RAID 1.

     intro(4), pci(4), scsi(4)

     The mpi driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.0.

     The mpi driver was written by David Gwynne <> and Marco
     Peereboom <>.

OpenBSD 4.5                    February 19, 2008                             1