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HOSTSTATECTL(8)         OpenBSD System Manager's Manual        HOSTSTATECTL(8)

     hoststatectl - control the host status daemon

     hoststatectl command [arguments ...]

     The hoststatectl program controls the hoststated(8) daemon.

     The following commands are available:

     host disable [name | id]
             Disable a host.  Treat it as though it were always down.

     host enable [name | id]
             Enable the host.  Start checking its health again.

             Continuously report any changes in the host checking engine and
             the pf engine.

     reload  Reload the configuration file.

     service disable [name | id]
             Disable a service.  If it has pf(4) redirection rules installed,
             remove them.  Mark the service's main table and - if applicable -
             backup table disabled as well.

     service enable [name | id]
             Enable a service.  Mark the service's main table and - if appli-
             cable - backup table enabled as well.

     show hosts
             Show detailed status of hosts, tables, and services.

     show relays
             Show detailed status of relays including the current and average
             access statistics.  The statistics will be updated every minute.

     show summary
             Display a list of all relays, services, tables, and hosts.

     table disable [name | id]
             Disable a table.  Consider all hosts disabled.  If it is a main
             table of a service which has a non-empty backup table, swap the
             contents of the pf(4) table with those of the backup table.

     table enable [name | id]
             Enable a table.  Start doing checks for all hosts that aren't in-
             dividually disabled again.

     /var/run/hoststated.sock    Unix-domain socket used for communication
                                 with hoststated(8).


     The hoststatectl program first appeared in OpenBSD 4.1.

OpenBSD 4.2                     August 2, 2007                               1