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ALTQD(8)                OpenBSD System Manager's Manual               ALTQD(8)

     altqd - ALTQ daemon

     altqd [-dvD] [-f conf_file]

     altqd is a daemon program that reads a configuration file and then sets
     up the ALTQ state of network interfaces.  After configuring the ALTQ
     state, altqd will detach and become a daemon.

     The signal SIGINT or SIGTERM will shutdown altqd, and the signal SIGHUP
     will restart altqd.

     The following options are available:

     -f          Specify a configuration file to read instead of the default.
                 The default file is /etc/altq.conf.

     -d          Debug mode.  altqd does not detach and goes into the command

     -v          Print debugging information.  This option implies -d.

     -D          Dummy mode.  altqd does not issue altq system calls.

     When -d option is provided, altqd goes into the command mode after read-
     ing the configuration file and setting up the ALTQ state.  Each command
     is a single line, starting with the command verb.

     The basic commands are as follows:

     help | ?
           Display a complete list of commands and their syntax.

     quit  Exit.

     altq reload
           Reload the configuration file and reinitialize ALTQ.

     altq interface [enable|disable]
           Enables or disables ALTQ on the interface named interface. When al-
           tqd enters the command mode, ALTQ is enabled on all the interfaces
           listed in the configuration file.

     /etc/altq.conf      configuration file
     /var/run/  pid of the running altqd
     /var/run/altq_quip  Unix domain socket for communicating with altqstat(1)

     altqstat(1), altq.conf(5), altq(9)

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