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TIMER_DELETE(2) System Calls Manual TIMER_DELETE(2)

timer_deletedelete a per-process timer

library “libc”

#include <time.h>

timer_delete(timer_t timerid);

The timer_delete() functions deletes the timer specified in the timerid argument. The timerid argument must point to valid timer id, created by timer_create(2). If the deletion is successful, the timer is disarmed and deleted. Pending notification events (signals) may or may not be delivered.

If successful, the timer_delete() functions returns 0. Otherwise, it returns -1, and sets errno to indicate error.

The timer_delete() function will fail if:

The argument timerid is not a valid timer id.

timer_create(2), timer_getoverrun(2), timer_gettime(2), timer_settime(2)

IEEE Std 1003.1b-1993 (“POSIX.1b”), IEEE Std 1003.1i-1995 (“POSIX.1i”)

September 13, 2003 NetBSD-7.0.1