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ERR_LOAD_STRINGS(3) Library Functions Manual ERR_LOAD_STRINGS(3)

ERR_load_strings, ERR_PACK, ERR_get_next_error_libraryload arbitrary OpenSSL error strings

#include <openssl/err.h>

ERR_load_strings(int lib, ERR_STRING_DATA str[]);

unsigned long
ERR_PACK(int lib, int func, int reason);


() registers error strings for library number lib.

str is an array of error string data:

typedef struct ERR_string_data_st
        unsigned long error;
        char *string;

The error code is generated from the library number and a function and reason code:

error = ERR_PACK(lib, func, reason)

() is a macro.

The last entry in the array is {0, NULL}.

() can be used to assign library numbers to user libraries at runtime.

ERR_PACK() returns the error code. ERR_get_next_error_library() returns a new library number.


ERR_load_strings() and ERR_PACK() first appeared in SSLeay 0.4.4. ERR_get_next_error_library() first appeared in SSLeay 0.9.0. These functions have been available since OpenBSD 2.4.

March 27, 2018 OpenBSD-current