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ASN1_TIME_PARSE(3) Library Functions Manual ASN1_TIME_PARSE(3)

ASN1_time_parse, ASN1_time_tm_cmp, ASN1_TIME_set_tm
LibreSSL utilities for ASN.1 time types

#include <openssl/asn1.h>

ASN1_time_parse(const char *bytes, size_t len, struct tm *tm, int mode);

ASN1_time_tm_cmp(struct tm *tm1, struct tm *tm2);

ASN1_TIME_set_tm(ASN1_TIME *s, struct tm *tm);

The ASN1_time_parse() function parses an ASN.1 time string of len bytes starting at bytes. The resulting time is stored in tm if tm is not NULL.

The mode parameter must be one of

The ASN1_time_tm_cmp() function compares two times in tm1 and tm2.

The function ASN1_TIME_set_tm() sets the ASN1_TIME structure s to the time represented by the struct tm value pointed to by tm. If s is NULL, a new ASN1_TIME structure is allocated and returned.

ASN1_parse_time() returns

ASN1_time_tm_cmp() returns

ASN1_TIME_set_tm() returns a pointer to an ASN1_TIME structure or NULL if an error occurred.

ASN1_TIME_new(3), ASN1_TIME_set(3), X509_cmp_time(3)

ASN1_time_parse() and ASN1_time_tm_cmp() first appeared in OpenBSD 6.1 and ASN1_TIME_set_tm() in OpenBSD 6.2.
June 6, 2019 OpenBSD-current